Four people standing on a stage making hundreds of hearts beat double-time, a picture taken from a canvas and printed onto t-shirts that make heads turn in the street, a man riding a surfboard, twisting and turning on the wave, flowing with the ocean, a single girl sitting on a stool under a bright light, the crowd melting with her voice.

From premieres of award-winning short films, to artistic collaborations and exhibitions, our aim is not only to host and share these talents, but for the event to evolve into an all-encompassing celebration of art. Ultimately, a small fishing town in Cornwall will become an inescapable hub of the sounds and sights of a generation, with music pouring from every building and a feast for all the senses over a week-long festival. The Saturday night party will soon become simply the 'closing ceremony' of a thriving, cultural exploration that ebbs and flows through a whole town, bursting at the seams.


Danny Fox


Ally Sop
Mickey Smith
Jacob Cockle


Andrew Couldwell

Some Words

Mike Lay

Creativity at The Greenaway Pro (Cornwall)